Art For Art

Art For Art
connecting the world through art

Art For Art founder Julia Stahlman believes that one of art's most enduring powers is that it is a bridge that connects people and communities around the world.

Art For Art is a nonprofit organization that has partnered with the international charity African Angels to provide funding for visual arts classes that teach economically and socially disadvantaged African children who live without electricity, running water, sanitation or suitable housing to think critically and creatively, to observe and analyze, to express feelings and to problem-solve. For more information about this inspiring program, visit

In addition to the original paintings it offers at its fundraisers, Art For Art is thrilled to offer artworks produced by the children in the Eastern Cape of South Africa who participate in African Angels' life-changing classes in the visual arts. One hundred percent of the proceeds from the sale of original art through Art For Art goes toward supporting African Angels' visual arts programs in Africa. 

By enjoying your new, original works of art from Art For Art, you are helping to create a brighter future for children who need one.

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